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Ok so this is my first community that I have joined! It definately had to be a music one cause I am a huge orchestra geek!I love the cello!
[Name] Laura
[Instrument(s)] Mainly Cello, piano, handbells, organ
[How long have you played?] Cello-6 years, Piano-12 years, oragn- 2 years, handbells-9 years
[Favorite composers] Tchaikovsky, Albinoni, Rinsky-Korsakov, Rachmininoff, Handel, Popper, Veracini, Leanord Bernstein, Dvorak, Brahms, Beethoven, Debussy, Faure, Haydn, Lalo, Mahler, Prokofiev, Ravel, Shubert, Stravinsky, Wagner, Reineke, Vivaldi, Bach, Rebecca Clark, and hopefully me when I finish my symphony!...the list goes on...
[Favorite soloist/orchestra] New York Philharmonic, Columbia University Orchestra, Yale University Orchestra (especially the celli!) Soloist-Mark Tanner for his amazing Elfentanz!
[Favorite setting to play in] I love playing in orchestras they are so much fun! This is extending the meaning of "setting" but I saw a picture of a cellist at a waterfall playing on the rocks, and I've always wanted to play somewhere natural and secluded like that. Kind of like my own cello world!
[Favorite piece to listen to] Definately Tchaikovsky's Symphony No.4 in f minor, Berstein's Candide(musical), Handel's concerto in G minor, David Popper's Elfentanz and Requiem, Veracini's Largo, Celebration Fanfare by Reineke, and so many more!
[Favorite piece to play]How can I choose! I finished about a month ago with Faure's Elegie and I loved that because it had so many different moods. But also my all state audition piece was Lalo's concerto in D minor and I loved that too!
[Childhood aspirations] I always wanted to be a doctor as a little girl and that has stayed the same but I want to add some things to it that deal with music.
[Your aspirations as a musician]There are so many. Let's see, I want to be principal cellist for allstate at least once. (I'm a freshman in highschool and I made it this year as seventh chair *out of fourteen* and I was really happy that I made it at all, let alone be in the middle of the section. My teacher thinks that I could definately be principal cellist for allstate though so now I have to practice really hard so I don't let him down!) I want to play Popper's Elfentanz because I just can't get over how insane that piece is. I'm writing my own symphony and when it's finished I'm hoping that I will be able to submit it into a composition contest and get some prize. I also, as I do pre-med, want to get in undergrad degree in cello performance.
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