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I recently picked up Classical Music for Dummies at the library, and I am having a lot of fun reading it... I highly reccommend it to all ya'll (even if you're not a dummy... I'm not!). I'd like to share an excerpt of the chapter I just finished reading.

"Top Quotes by conductor Eugene Ormandy

Eugene Ormandy (1899-1985) was a famous conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Over the years, the orchestra's players kept track of his funniest utterances. Clearly, a conductor's actions are ultimately more important than his words.

'Who is sitting in that empty chair?'

'I guess you thought I was conducting, but I wasn't.'

'Why do you always insist on playing while I'm trying to conduct?'

'It is not as difficult as I thought it was, but it is harder than it is.' [I'm still trying to figure that one out.]

'At every concert I've sensed a certain insecurity about the tempo. It's clearly marked, uh, 69.'

'Did you play? It sounded very good.'

'If you don't have it in your part, leave it out, because there is enough missing already.'

'We can't hear the balance yet because the soloist is still on the airplane.'

'With us tonight is William Warfield, who is with us tonight. He is a wonderful man, and so is his wife.'

'Bizet was a very young man when he composed this symphony, so play it soft.'

'I never say what I mean, but I always manage to say something similar.'

'Serkin was so sick he almost died for three days.'

'Let me explain what I do here. I don't want to confuse you any more than absolutely necessary.'

'I don't mean to make you nervous, but unfortunately I have to.'

'Relax. Don't be nervous. My God, it's the Philadelphia Orchestra.'

Conductors get better with age, all the way up to their final years. (Some musicians think that conductors even continue to improve after they die. At least, we think that's what they mean when they say, "The best conductor is a dead conductor.")"

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