Thalion Doron (lostsymphony9) wrote in firstchair,
Thalion Doron

Surely I can see that first chairs would have performed this music...I hope to God.

Alrighty. My family is in an incredibly tight spot financially now, which forces me to bum music of the internet. Does any one here have acces to the sheet music "Cello Concerto in C major" by Josheph Haydn, because I need the music for a conerto competition and I cannot buy it now. I am looking all over and I'd rather not ask my teacher, because...she's sort of dying. So if any one can hook me up with one of these three things

1)Haydn Cello Concerto in C
2)Lalo Cello Concerto
3)Saint-Saens Cello concerto
4)Dvorak cello Concerto
5)Shostakovich Cello Concert
6)Mozart Basson Concerto

It would be breatly appreciated, I would be willing to try and negotiate a trade.
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