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[Instrument(s)] Flute, Piccolo, Recorder, Pan Flute, Piano. Mainly Flute, Pan flute is fun and beautiful to play, i dislike playign the piccolo because of the embouchure problems it sometimes causes with flute, and i only play recorder when it is absolutely necessary of me.
[How long have you played?] Flute-6 years, Piano-1 Year, Piccolo-2 Years, Recorder-2 Years, Pan Flute-1 Year
[Favorite composers] Faure, Satie, Hindemith, Hayden (String Quartets), Chopin, Taffanel, Gaubert, Douvernoy, Griffes, Edgar Varese
[Favorite soloist/orchestra] Philadelphia Orchestra, New York Phil. Soloist, Rhonda Larson
[Favorite setting to play in] Depends on what Im playing. I love playing the piano in a dark basement, playing schindlers, no laughing. Anything else with piano i love doing in a recital hall. Flute I love to play in an orchestra or ensemble or doing solo work for an ensemble. Pan Flute is wonderful to play outside. I despise the Recorder and piccolo, however.
[Favorite piece to listen to] Im going to say the cliched flute piece by chaminade-her concertino. its lovely. that and larsons armenian allure.
[Favorite piece to play]the chaminade, but that is too simple of a piece...Flight of the bumblebee, Andante Pastorale et scherztittino!
[Childhood aspirations] I wanted to be a chemist or a businessman/lawyer. what change, eh?
[Your aspirations as a musician] To complete the edudes on the Taffanel and Gaubert (i have 9 more, aye). To make first chair in the olympic conference honors band (currently no2), make first chair in all state and all south jersey, get accepted into julliard prep, get my bachelor of music degree(And eventually a PHd in performance), live happily as an orchestra performer after college, make some CD's, hopefully become a college professor of flute one day
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